Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic Maple Syrup

Isn't this amazing???
This fondant-covered cake looks so real, and the bottle of syrup seems to be suspended in mid-air.  The bottle, syrup and butter are made from modeling chocolate, but we're not giving away the secret of levitating syrup bottles!   

This cake is one of the reasons why I love taking cake classes.  I made this cake at a class taught by the fabulous Lauren Kitchens, a Texas-based cake artist who has been on a number of Food Network cake shows and challenges.  She was a great teacher and shared her tricks about making incredible cakes like this one.  Now I can make a waffle cake for you for  Father's Day, or perhaps as a Groom's Cake, or even as a birthday cake.  And I can do a lot more along these lines.  Imagine a floating watering can pouring 'water' onto a pot of flowers, or a mid-air can of beer pouring into a frosty mug, or some spaghetti dripping into a bowl off a levitating fork... what kind of magic cake do you fancy?

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